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STEM education at Country Day World School builds innovative, creative, and logical thinkers. Through advanced science, engineering, and computer science studies, our students learn to problem solve at a young age. Beginning in the Montessori classroom, children engage in integrated STEM practices as they work both independently and collaboratively to manipulate materials. These foundational problem solving skills set students up for success as they work through advanced curriculums in areas of engineering, mathematics, sciences, animal science and
computer programming.


Animal Science (LE)_edited.jpg

Animal Science

Animal Science is a unique experiential learning program, only found at Country Day World School. Students learn responsibility, respect and compassion through caring and interacting with the animals in our one of a kind ‘little barn’. Our youngest students begin with identifying unique traits of various animal species and learning all about their different life cycles. This knowledge is reinforced through yearly on-campus chick hatching, butterfly releases, and more. Advanced science studies are not only learned but experienced as 7th graders predict genetic outcomes of baby goats born on campus while experiencing animal husbandry first hand.

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In early grades, students learn the basics of lab safety and field work through early experiments that guide students through the scientific process and guided exploration. The hands on, exploratory focus of the Montessori curriculum continues into the Upper School Divisions. Lab based science courses teach students authentic science practices. Students act as inquirers as they problem solve through advanced labs such as field water testing, investigating the neutralization of acids and gram staining bacteria.



The World School robotics program was created with exploration and creativity in mind. Beginning in first grade, our lower elementary students are encouraged to participate in our LEGO Robotics club, which acts as an entry way into the world of competitive robotics. The competitive LEGO Robotics team for students from 4th - 6th grade is focused around the FIRST LEGO League “Challenge” circuit, inviting students to compete with teams from all around the state. As students enter 7th and 8th grade, they can choose to continue their LEGO legacy as a mentor for our FLL team, while also stepping into the world of VEX robotics and

combat robots.

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Technology & Computer Programming

Country Day World School is 1:1 iPad or chromebook for students in 4th-8th grade, where students engage with technology as a tool for discovery and learning. Montessori students grades 1st-3rd engage with technology as a tool for research, and enhancement to the curriculum. Beginning in first grade, students engage with coding and typing on a routine basis. Early coding skills include algorithmic thinking, sequencing, and loops. As students advance, they’re encouraged to complete projects such as app designs and website layouts using their knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and Python. In addition to computer programming, students learn how to approach having an online presence and what it means to exist as a digital citizen, with an emphasis placed on
digital ethics.



Our engineering curriculum is a key component in our STEM program, as it focuses on the hands-on development of critical thinking and problem solving skills while placing great value in creativity and the exploration of ideas. Kindergarteners focus on the basic skills of building such as patterns, fine-motor skills and persistence, along with exploring their imagination as they construct their ideas. As students transition into elementary school, they begin to follow the engineering design process to tackle challenges and solve problems in individual and group settings. Middle schoolers begin to think about why designs are created and how we can design for a better tomorrow. Our middle school students also practice practical engineering through multiple competitions that focus on the physics and geometry of building, such as balsa wood bridge building competitions and Science Olympiad. Our students' success in engineering design

is proven by numerous wins in

these competitions.

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A World School tradition, our annual STEM Day brings the school community together in celebration and exploration of STEM. Students in grades 1-8 engage in activities involving science, technology, engineering and math. Students in multi-aged teams put their ingenuity, creativity and critical thinking skills to the test as they design and test bottle rockets, bridges, cars, boats and more.

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